Ask Us How Upcoming Changes To Legislation May Affect You

27th Jan 2023
Chris Blick
how changing legislation may affect you - John Shepherd

Whether you’re an experienced landlord or considering buying-to-let for the first time, there’s a wealth of regulations and property legislation for you to know about. What’s more, legislation is often updated and new laws are introduced – and you’re expected to keep up with it all so that everything is above board and your assets are protected.

There is much to consider but we are always happy to help and offer our expert advice and service. Here are several of the key legislation changes you need to look out for in the coming year…


1.     Changes to the Energy Price Guarantee

As the cost of energy rose during 2022, the Energy Price Guarantee helped households save around £900 on their bills, reducing the average yearly bill to about £2,500. From April 2023, this guarantee is changing, and there will be a slight decrease in support available. The new terms should still save households around £500, cutting the average yearly bill to £3000. How this affects landlords is explained on the government’s website.

2.     Changes to required EPC ratings of commercial properties

As of April 2023, all commercial properties must have a minimum ‘E’ rating – and there are further plans for this to rise to ‘C’ in April 2027 and ‘B’ in April 2030.

3.     Renters Reform Bill

The government white paper, ‘A Fairer Private Rented Sector’, was published in June 2022. Proposed changes include:

·        Ending no-fault evictions

·        A digital property portal for private landlords

·        Better dispute resolution through an ombudsman scheme

·        Applying the ‘Decent Homes Standard’ from the social rented sector to the private sector


The Renters Reform Bill is to be introduced before spring 2023, but it takes around a year for a Bill to become law, so there’s unlikely to be any legislation changes before 2024. This does mean, however, that landlords have time to influence what the final Bill looks like, so it’s one to keep a close eye on.


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