Make the most of your city garden

16th Dec 2022
Shannon Marsh

Gardens can increase city property’s value extensively and, because home outdoor space is more valued than ever, making the most of your greenery is key. Here are our teams’ top tips on how to get the most out of your garden:


Create an extra living space

City ‘gardens’ don’t often have much soil and it’s likely to not in the best shape if they do – and they usually take a fair bit of effort to maintain. Cut all this out by installing decking to extend your living space. Decking is far easier to maintain and potentially increases a property’s value by 10%.

There is so much you can do with decking, including adding hanging chairs and furniture around a firepit for the cold nights. I short, decking expands your home and doesn’t usually take up a lot of space. In addition, timber is eco-friendly.


Build a bird sanctuary

Love wildlife? It is very easy to transform create a sanctuary for our birds in your garden. Throwing bird feed on the lawn and putting up bird tables & houses are easy ways of drawing many species to your garden.

Almost 30% of birds in the UK are endangered in numbers, so bird houses lined with warm materials will help them survive harsh weather which is bound to worsen due to climate change. Laying out extra food will help with this, too.


Grow your own fruit and veg

A lot of people have taken to starting their personal allotments as the price of healthy food increases, but your garden is ideal location for growing fruit and veg. Get a rich patch of soil that gets a lot of direct sunlight, and growing foods at home will become easy. Its already cheaper than buying from a supermarket. Use raised soil beds to help ensure that your produce is top quality.


Ponds attract life

Our neighbours on the ground need care, too. Gardens are full of life – they just need some love in order to flourish. Crafting a water feature and/or pond in your rear garden will do that and it’s quite a lot easier than you’d imagine.

Mark out the chosen conversion area, remove the turves, dig on a slow descent to prevent cliffs around the edges, dig down to a maximum of 30cm in depth at the midpoint, add the liner, and you’re pretty much ready to go.

Wild plants attract wildlife, so get some of those and fill your creation with fresh water, add a layer of stones or rocks around the rim to aid aesthetics, and watch as your garden transforms itself into a hotspot for frogs, newts and other little creatures.


Home bar

This is definitely one for the adults. Nights in the pub can cost a lot these days, so bring your friends – and the party – to your garden instead.

Impressive doesn’t have to mean expensive, either. A lot of home bars are made of reused materials and objects, and others are taken straight from a home chef’s dream kitchen. Set up a bar top and stools from a local store, or repurpose a shed to transform it into your dream venue. Add some armchairs or sofas, maybe a pool table and books, and you’re good to go.


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