Market your property by Boxing Day

8th Dec 2022

Surely there’s no rush to get your house on the market before Christmas. After all, everything shuts down for Christmas… right!? 

Wrong! If you want to move in early 2023 and have the best chance of selling your property quickly and at the best price, then you need to have your property on the market by Boxing Day. Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to relocate or downsize, or a landlord looking to release capital or reinvest – now is the time to act.  

This is because it will achieve maximum exposure, being seen by thousands of people with Rightmove reporting more than 51 million visits to their website between Boxing Day and the first working day of the new year. Rightmove state that Boxing Day is officially the start of the home-buying season with 2021 showing 54% higher in website visits than in 2020 – and the trend increase is expected to continue for 2023.  

However, we understand that as interest rates are rising, many are feeling overwhelmed with their situations and are looking for advice on what to do. We know many of you have property questions you’d like answered – and we’re encouraging you to “Ask away…”  

Ask us any property questions you have and believe us when we say – there is no such thing as a silly question. No matter if it’s a lengthy, detailed question or short one, one question or several – call, email or message us on our social channels and we will answer your uncertainties to offer you advice, reassurance and knowledge to get you moving in the right direction for 2023. 

P.S. We are here to help with questions such as: 

  • Ask us for costings to see if you can afford to relocate right now  
  • Ask us if cash buyers get the upper hand  
  • Ask us what the quickest ways are to increase your property’s value   
  • Ask us how many years should be on a leasehold property  
  • Ask us how to ensure your rentals are at maximum profitability  

Why should you take advantage of the Boxing Day boom? 

  • Over 50 million people are searching with a strong intent to buy (buyer demand was up by 23% compared to last year – Rightmove stat) 
  • Your property will be seen by thousands of people  
  • Many of those people will want to purchase your property  
  • Having your property listed means you are highly likely to sell at a great price, quickly
  • Securing a buyer early in the new year will put you in a great position for when you find your next home  

Here’s how to get started 

Any property questions you have – simply ask away!  

Let’s discuss your options to get you moving in the right direction for 2023!