The importance of choosing the right Mortgage Broker for your buy-to-let property

23rd Feb 2023

Today we introduce Adam Smith, Director of Grange Mortgage and Protection Services Ltd. With over 18 years of experience in the Mortgage Market, both in residential mortgages and Buy to Let, we are pleased to work with John Shepherd as their Financial Services partner.


Grange Mortgage and Protection has an extensive track record of navigating clients through many economic scenarios.



We have seen some significant volatility in the interest rates available within the Buy to Let space, this has recently negated, and lenders are taking a much more positive view of this specialist lending sector.


If you're thinking of investing in a Buy to Let it is worth noting that deposits tend to be higher simply because the lender feels there are greater risks. Therefore, a good Mortgage Broker will be essential in helping you understand deposit levels and will find the best lender to suit your circumstances, taking into consideration the type of property you are investing in. Sometimes given the inherent risk, a lender would want a Buy to Let client to have their own home already (with a mortgage is fine).


Never has it been more important to do your homework with the expert guidance of a qualified Mortgage Broker who specialises in this part of the market. They will hold your hand from initial inquiry, through pricing and lender criteria, and provide you with an Agreement in Principle (AIP) to allow you to negotiate on a property with the added backing of a mortgage in principle at your fingertips. Grange Mortgage and Protection will consider each client’s circumstances before looking to source the best lender for those circumstances.


For further information please call Grange Mortgage and Protection on 0300 303 0707 or email