You might think that auctions are just for investors, but buying through auction is becoming an increasingly popular method for people to find their dream home.

Compared to the traditional buying method, auction offers a fast and secure alternative, with completion taking place within 56 days from the receipt of the draft contract. You could be in your new home just 28 days after the sale!

How it works

  • Search for a property on our website and book a viewing through us
  • Carefully review the Buyer Information Pack with your solicitor
  • Find out if your auction is taking place at a live/in-room event or online and ensure you can meet the requirements of the auction method before bidding
  • Bid on your chosen property online, over the phone or in-person
  • If you win the bid, you will have between 28 and 56 days from receipt of a draft contract from your solicitor to complete the purchase
  • You will need to pay or a deposit or Reserve Fee, sign a Reservation Agreement and complete an identification process
Complete Faster - John Shepherd

Complete Faster

Auction provides fixed exchange and completion dates of between 28 and 56 days from receipt of draft contract.

Buy with a Mortgage - John Shepherd

Buy with a Mortgage

This method provides an extended timescale of 56 days from receipt of draft contracts for completion (vs. Traditional Auction where the timescale is 28 days) giving you time to arrange a mortgage.

Quick and Easy Bidding - John Shepherd

Quick and Easy Bidding

Bid from the comfort of your own home with online auctions, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also offer live in-room auction events across the UK.

Additional Security - John Shepherd

Additional Security

You will enter into a binding Reservation Agreement with the vendor, committing to completing the purchase. Bidding is visible to all parties, offering complete transparency.